Suits & Sandals is looking for interns

By September 4, 2016Opportunities

From New Media alums, Suits & Sandals:

Suits & Sandals offers internships in Web Design/Development, for students in their Junior year or later, with a focus of exposing interns to a variety of topics that web professionals need to be aware of. Should have a basic understanding of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript and have a desire to learn more about building web environments as a whole. Experience in SCSS/SASS, Node, PHP, or other languages a plus.

Internship can be shaped to focus more on design or development depending on the intern but will touch upon: mobile first responsive web design, UX design, front end strategies, web performance (page speed etc), and web page accessibility.

Tasks will include research, project preparation, hands on experience with projects, and testing (page speed, accessibility, cross browser consistency).

Will be expected to occasionally visit the Suits & Sandals office in Williamsburg but will also be able to work from home.