The New Media Foundation consists of 8 academic courses and the Advanced Standing review.

In the first tier (5 courses with no prerequisites)

  • NME 1100 Intro to Digital Photography
  • NME 1160 Design Principles
  • NME 1050 Intro to Media Studies
  • NME 1060 Intro to Sound
  • NME 1450 Programming for Visual Artists / NME 1520 Computer Science 1

In the second tier (3 courses with prerequisites)

  • NME 2730 Intro to Web, formerly Creating Web Docs (pre-req Design Principles and Intro to Digital Photo)
  • NME2xxx Technoculture Elective* (pre-req Intro to Media Studies)
  • NME 2420 Video Art  1 (pre-req Intro to Digital Photo/Photo 1 and pre/co-req Sound Art)

IMPORTANT: Students cannot take more than two production courses simultaneously in a term. All the courses above are considered production courses except for Intro to Media Studies and the technoculture electives. Students must earn a grade of C+ or higher in each of these courses. Those who earn a grade lower than a C+ must petition the New Media Board of Study to retake the course. To pass Advanced Standing (NME 2100), students must attain at least a 2.67 (B-) GPA in the foundation courses. 

*Technoculture elective offerings change each semester. The online course description will indicate if a course fulfills this requirement and these courses are always 2000-level. Regularly offered Technoculture courses include Art & Technology, Media Institutions and Forms and Computers and Culture.

NME2100 Advanced Standing

Enroll in Advanced Standing the semester you are taking your last two NME foundation requirements. Students cannot enroll in Advanced Standing without at least 6 NME foundation courses successfully completed (C+ or above grade for each course). Consult your advisor to determine the correct semester to apply for Advanced Standing.

Post-Advanced Standing

After Advanced Standing, a student should enroll in New Media Junior Seminar, a one-semester course offered both Fall and Spring. Following, a student will enroll in Senior Seminar — a year-long course that is sequenced Fall and Spring. Coinciding with Senior Seminar, a student will enroll in Senior Project with a faculty mentor for the duration of the year. Senior Project is 4-credits per term and is an individual tutorial to support the development of a Senior Project. In New Media, Senior Project consists of a creative production project that is exhibited in the New Media Senior Exhibition at The Passage Gallery and a 20-page research paper.

Students must also complete the following requirements after Advanced Standing:

  • 1 Upper-Level History/Theory elective (typically a course in Cinema Studies, Art History or Philosophy)
  • 1 Upper-Level Anthropology/Sociology elective (typically a course in Anthropology, Sociology or Media, Society and the Arts)
  • 4 New Media Studio Electives (for a total of 12 – 16 credits / ONLY 3-4 credits can be outside NME)