New Media only accepts internal transfers following add/drop and up until the first day of advising week each semester. If you want to be a New Media major then the first thing you should do is read carefully the program pages on the Purchase College web site. Also, take a good look at this blog to get a feel for who we are and what we do.

If you are still interested, review the New Media foundation requirements and run your Degree Progress Report choosing New Media in the “What If” option. Students do not realize that transferring into New Media often means added semesters. Students have to finish the foundation program & apply for Advanced Standing before entering Junior year. Also, students are not permitted to take more than 3 New Media courses in the foundation in one semester and no more than 2 studio/production courses at one time. The foundation was designed to take four semesters to complete and cannot be done in less than three.

Finally, if you are still interested, make an appointment to speak with the New Media Coordinator (Professor Lambert). Keep in mind that the Coordinator will only arrange for appointments after add/drop is finished and up until the first day of advising week. Come prepared to discuss why it is you think you are a good fit for New Media and a clear understanding of what courses you need to take.