This is a comprehensive list of equipment available to New Media students via our program and CTS.

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Request CTS equipment: WOT.

The equipment available via Film can be checked out by contacting Paul Thayer in New Media. Only advanced students (seniors) will have the ability to reserve the Film camera (Sony NEX-FS100UK).

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Available through New Media:

Title Description Quantity
HP Slate 21 Pro 21 inch touch screen. Use either as standalone Android device or external monitor. 1
Apogee MiC Professional Microphone for iPhone, iPad and Mac. 1
Rode iXY Stereo Microphone for iPhone and iPad. 1
GoPro Hero3 Portable, wearable video camera. 2
ikan Recoil Camera stabilizer. 1
MacBook Pro Intel Laptop MacBook Pro.Microsoft Office, Internet ready. 1
iBook G4 iBook G4.Adobe Products, Microsoft Office, Internet ready. 1
MAC PowerBook G4 MAC PowerBook G4. Adobe Products, Microsoft Office, Internet ready. 1
Dell Latitude D800 Dell Latitude D800. Windows XP, internet ready, Microsoft Office. 1
Track Stick GPS Track Stick GPS, USB 1
View Sonic ViewPanel VG150 Monitor ViewPanel VG150 Monitor 1
Brilliance 202P Phillips Computer Monitor 1
View Sonic P95F View Sonic Professional Series Monitor 1
Cambridge Sound Work Speakers Speakers and Sub Woofer 1
Nicole SD969 Multi Media Speakers 1
Bamboo Connect Wacom Graphics Tablet and pen, pressure sensitive 2
Apple Cinema Display 23″ Monitor Apple LCD Monitor 1
Apple Studio Display 17″ Monitor Apple LCD Monitor 2
Canon LV-7265 Projector Canon Projector 1
Manfrotto Tripod Swivel Tripod 3
Pyle Pro Power Amplifier 2x75w USB Stereo Power Amplifier 2
Panasonic HDC-Z10000-K 3D/HD Video Camera (for instructional use only) 1
Genaray SpectroLED 14 Studio Lighting 2
Genaray SpectroLED 9 Studio Lighting 1
Bose 161 Speakers Stereo Speaker Pair 2
Optoma LED Projector Tripod-Mountable Mini Projector 1
WDTV Live Media Player Multimedia Player 2
BENQ W1080ST Projector Short Throw Projector 1
ASUS O! Play Mini Multimedia Player 2
Lowel TI-10 Tota-Light Studio Lighting 1
Impact Mini Boom Arm Mini Boom Mic Arm 1
Vivitek Mini Projectors Tripod-Mountable Mini Projector 1

Available through CTS:


Sony HDR-HC9 Mini DV Camcorders (Hi-Def)- (replacement cost $800). Tapes not supplied by CTS. 20
Flip Ultra pocket Camcorders with mini-tripods Replacement cost $150. 47
Nikon D90 Still Cameras Replacement cost $1400. 11
Nikon D40 Still Cameras Replacement cost $500. 3
Nikon D3100 Still Cameras Replacement cost $600. 16
Canon FS-11 Digital Video Camcorders Replacement cost $480. 2
Canon VIXIA HF21 Digital Video Camcorders Replacement cost $700. 2
Nikon L19 Still Cameras Replacement cost $115 4
Canon VIXIA HF R11 Digital Video Camcorders Replacement cost $555. 20
Sony HD HZR-MC50U Camcorders Replacement cost $1,320 21
Kodak PlayTouch Camcorders Replacement cost $150. 22


Olympus Digital Voice Recorder PC Interface Supported Hi-Speed USB. Replacement cost $40. 40
Roland Digital Voice Recorders Replacement cost $450 2
H4 Zoom Handheld Digital Audio Recorder Replacement cost $250. 10
ATR 55 Microphones Replacement cost $50 27
Audio Technica Pro24-CM Camera Condenser Microphones Replacement cost $80. 17
Audio Technica Pro24 Condenser Microphones Replacement cost $80 2
Condenser Lapel Mics Replacement cost $170. 2
Audio Technica Shotgun Mic w/ XLR Attachment Replacement cost $250 1
Sony 1/8 Lapel Mics Replacement cost $100. 2
Sennheiser Directional Microphones Replacement cost $100 2
Sennheiser HD 202 Headphones Replacement cost $30. 2
Audio Technica Pro88W/T and Pro88W/R Wireless Microphone Replacement cost $270 5
Sony Stereo Condesner Mic Out of order. 1

Tripods & Stands

Tripods with Bags Replacement cost $175 62
Photo Tripods with Bags Replacement cost $225. 5
Mic Floor Stands Replacement cost $25. 6
Mic Boom (Extension Poles Replacement cost $185. 5


JTL Light Kits 3 lights with stands. Replacement cost $500. 4
Lowel Light Kits 3 lights with stands. Replacement cost $800. 7

New Media Seniors Only

Panasonic DVX100B Package Replacement cost of camcorder $2,000. Large Smith Vector Tripod, additional replacement cost of $300. Rhode Mic additional replacement cost of $300. 2
Data Video SE-500 Video Switcher Replacement cost $960. 1

Projectors & Displays

Pocket Theatre Video Goggles 50″ screen equivalent. Replacement cost $250. 3
3M Pocket Micro-Projector Replacement cost $280. 1
Dukane 8755D Projectors Replacement cost $900. 2
Dukane 8755 Projectors 3000 lumens, 1024×768. Replacement cost $600. 4
Dukane 8910 Projectors Replacement cost $600. 4
Optoma 757 Projectors Replacement cost $600. 2
NEC VT660 Projector Replacement cost $2,500. 1
Cinego D-1000 Combination Projector and DVD Player Replacement cost $1,000. 1
Green Chroma Key Kit Green screen, stand, 2 light heads. Replacement cost $400. 1
Coby DVD Player Replacement cost $40. 6
Samsung LCD Display 24″ screen. Replacement cost $300. 4
LG LCD Displays 32″ screen. Replacement cost $430. 18
Nikon S1000pj Still Camera/Mini Projector Replacement cost $425. 3
Yamaha 2.1 Speakers Replacement cost $140. 1
Power Acoustik PT-700MHR 7-inch LCD Display with Power Adapter Replacement cost $100. 1
Dell 4100 MP Projector Replacement cost $1,700. 1

Laptops & Tablet Computers

Dell Vostro 1000 Laptops Windows XP. Replacement cost $815. 2
Sony Palmtop Laptop Windows XP. Replacement cost $2,000. 1
Dell Latitude E6400 Laptops Windows XP. Replacement cost $815. 2
Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptops Windows XP. Replacement cost $815. 2
Viewsonic G-Tablet with 10″ Touch LCD Screen Android OS. Replacement cost $350. 3
Apple iPad 2 iOS. Replacement cost $580. 5
Apple iPad 1 iOS. Replacement cost $350. 1
Apple 13″ Macbook Mac OS. Replacement cost $900. 1
Apple Mac Mini Mac OS. Replacement cost $740. 5
Dell D630 Laptop Replacement cost $700. 1

Available through Film:

Sennheiser EW-112p G3 Wireless Microphone Requires four user provided AA batteries. Replacement cost $530. 2
Sony NEX-FS100UK Includes 18mm-200mm stock lens, 64GB HDSC Card, 2 batteries with charger, UV filter, hand grip, hard case. Replacement cost $6,000. 1
Libec RH350 Tripod Replacement cost $1,200. 1
Kino Diva 201 double light kit Includes flight case, full set of 2900k and 5500k bulbs. Replacement cost $2,300. 1