Course Waivers for Transfer Students

If you took a course similar to any of the New Media foundation courses at your previous college and received a C+ or above in that course, then you are eligible for a course waiver. To receive a waiver, first visit your Degree Progress Report on the Student Services page of the Purchase College website. Print the page and highlight the courses from your previous college that are equivalent to NME foundation requirements. Attach the course syllabus or the course description from your prior institution’s website. If you are having troubles getting this information together, you should visit the Advising Center for help.

Next, make an appointment to meet with the BoS Coordinator (currently Prof. Singer) to review the paperwork and discuss the waiver. The coordinator will submit electronically the necessary forms if your waiver request is accepted and you will see evidence of the waiver on your Degree Progress Report. Simply discussing the waiver with a faculty or staff member at Purchase does not constitute a waiver. Only the BoS Coordinator can make the final approval and submit the electronic form for credits to be granted.