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Advanced Standing Awards

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Congratulations to Ashley Pinilla and Emily J. Locke on their spectacular Advanced Standing Portfolios! Passing this portfolio critique is a challenge made to every New Media student.

This time of review creates an opportunity where students begin to understand their art and comprehend how they can further their ideas.  This first step is the blossom towards finding a strong senior project.

The Board of Study was

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 6.32.00 PMtruly impressed by these websites and chose to recognize the creative process and efforts presented by both students.

Only the very best survive.

We are proud of our advanced standees and look forward to new works throughout the Junior and Senior semesters.

emily.locke/as/           ashley.pinilla/advancedstanding/


Jonathan Cook’s BluFit Bottle

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Clean water, tech gadgets, fitness, & an aurora all offered in a handheld experience.



Purchase New Media Alum Jonathan Cook has co-created a revolutionary water bottle that provides an exciting and active way to maintain and manage your body’s intake of a necessary resource.

BluFit Bottle is a new twist on the classic sports water bottle, bringing many original features to the industry.  The bottle itself encourages you to drink water more often, as well as auto-managing your intake, based on the physical temperature around you.

Featuring programmable lights, water schedule, automated intake charts, sound alerts, smartphone integration, and a rechargeable battery system.  BluFit Bottle is truly a force to be reckoned with.  Head over to Indiegogo, claim your prize package, and support a move in the right direction.  Wether you are a constantly active athlete, or a nerd who allows their technology to run their schedule, the BluFit Bottle will certainly be on your wish list.

Visit their page:

View their promotional video:

New Media Alum News

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NicholasOur very own New Media grad Nick Bruckman presented his new video piece at the UN General Assembly on Thursday, Sept. 26th. The video highlights concerns and Millenium Development Goals, a recent movement to aid children worldwide.

Bruckman’s incorporation of motion graphics to better organize the delivery of the United Nation’s plan. His presentation helps to breakdown their outline to an iPhone savy viewer.

The video’s use of constant motion helps sell the immediacy of the issue as well as controlling the attention of the viewer. Nick’s outline features lines leading to circular transition elements. These elements assist in furthering the concept of world nations following a path and coming together in the end as one powerful force.

If all goes to plan, the UN hopes to provide real change around the world by 2015.

You can see his video here:

Community Centered Media 2013

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This Spring the Community Centered Media course, taught by Prof. Singer, teamed up with three non-profit organizations. They were the Food Bank for Westchester, the Franklin Street Works Gallery and the White Plains Youth Bureau. Each group designed and implemented a media project based on extensive research to help their organization better fulfill their mission.

White Plains Youth Bureau Garden Sign created by students Maria Galeano and Molly Sidney
Franklin Street Works Gallery: Video by students Michele Daboul, Channel Samuels and Alex Zamora
Food Bank for Westchester: Video by students Alexa Espinal, Qadira Farrington and Bonnie Moncada

Advanced Standing Awards – Spring 2013

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This semester the New Media Board of Study recognizes two students for outstanding Advanced Standing portfolios. The students are Zachary Britt  and Emily Walenta. We also give honorable mention to Abraham Pajares and Alexandra Tutelian.

Please join us in congratulating them for their hard work and creative endeavors!

Visit the sites:

Tim Clark (NME Alum): New Video

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Tim Clark (class of 2010) recently completed this video Recognition.
He writes: “With QR codes becoming so prevalent in our everyday lives they must be reevaluated to determine if they are in fact worth using and engaging with. These strange symbols pull us in with the curiosity of what lies on the other side of the scan. They provide an entrance point to a digitized layer that sits on top of the city. While they extend the interaction with a certain object or service they require one to reach into their pocket to launch the decoder adding extra steps just to understand what one sees in front of them….Recognition was also carried out to start a discussion about how a person can represent themselves digitally in physical space.”